February 2024 One NHS Finance Team Updates

Welcome to the February One NHS Finance blog. Here you will find all the highlights of our programmes and networks over that last month and discover all the opportunities and everything else coming up in the month ahead.

Important Upcoming Dates That You Should Know

Submit your NHS finance innovations to the Innovation programme by February 29 for the next peer review deadline. Successful innovations will be published in the Innovation Library in April.


Last month we had 10 network meetings and we held ‘The Possible’ Software Skills event where delegates had the opportunity to find out more about the network and learn about various software from Excel to SQL. If you are interested in joining the network, find out more here: Software Skills Network.

We also held our annual Health and Wellbeing Conference, the event was a success with lots of discussions and insightful sessions, you can watch the event back here: https://youtu.be/CCLSZL0ZV-0?si=oL5tiNTlw6llR4i_

This month is LGBTQIA+ History Month, The National Rainbow Network kicked off celebrations with a launch event on the subject of ‘myth-busting’, a new document has been created in regards to myth-busting, you can read it here. Find out what else is taking place in celebration of LGBTQIA+ History Month by viewing our activity calendar.

This month we are looking forward to a FACE showcase session, hear how Steven Lee from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust is working to re-engage with our clinicians, managers and leaders within the organisation on the subject of finance. Book for February 9 here.

We have also produced another FACE resource; a 2024 update to the Introduction to Clinical Coding in the NHS animation, watch it here.  


Last month applications closed for the Career Progressors Development Programme for bands 5-7, we received over 60 applications, thank you to everyone who applied and we will be in touch soon.

Our Talent Management Workshops have been very popular with a fully booked event last month, we are also now fully booked for this month’s event, but we might be adding another date for March, so watch this space. We have produced a printable poster on Talent Management to display in your department to promote the talent management process and raise awareness of it to staff, download and print it here.

We would like to congratulate all the organisations who have just been awarded (and re-awarded) Towards Excellence Accreditation by the Finance Leadership Council. Well done everyone for all your hard work!

We have just released our Shaping the Future campaign report. The anonymous Shape the Future conversation ran from July to September 2023. All NHS finance professionals were invited to contribute their insights, feedback and concerns regarding the NHS finance function and its existing training and development opportunities. Users could also contribute by simply voting and commenting on already submitted ideas. In total, 1,331 individuals participated in the conversation, representing 9% of the staff across NHS Trusts and ICBs. Thank you to everyone who contributed! View the key findings in the campaign report here.

This month we are celebrating the Future-Focused Finance programme turning 10!! Look out for a special giveaway on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram and make sure to join us at the Induction to Future-Focused Finance event on February 16.

We have a few more supporting our staff events coming up; Interview hints and tips when going through organisational change on February 5 and Spotting and Preventing Burnout on February 15, both of these sessions have proven to be very popular we lots of you booked on!

Don’t forget to submit your NHS finance innovations by February 29, for the next peer review deadline, successful innovations will be published in the Innovation Library in April. We also have two Innovation Showcases coming up this month, find the topics and dates here: Innovation Showcase Sessions.

That’s a wrap for this month, please download our monthly presentation slides below, thank you for reading.

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