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Welcome to the submission page for the NHS Finance Innovation Programme. We believe that the best ideas for improving NHS finance come from those working in the field every day. That’s why we’re calling on you to share your innovative solutions with us.

Submitting your innovation to the programme could help to inspire and support other finance teams in the NHS, as well as provide you with opportunities for personal and professional growth. It can also help you to receive valuable peer-review feedback, refine and improve your innovation.

To submit your NHS finance innovation, please take the time to read through this guide in full before completing the form below via the online platform. Please ensure that your innovation is either actively in use or already implemented, relates to NHS finance, and is not a submission for the implementation of a third-party product.

Once your submission is received, it will be anonymously peer-reviewed by three colleagues within the review timeline, before being recommended for further development or publication. Innovations that pass the peer review will be published on the One NHS Finance website, where they can be shared and learned from.

Not sure your innovation is ready to submit? Then why not submit an idea, problem, or ask further advice on how to develop your innovation through our national incubator. 

Submit an Innovation

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