Inclusion and Diversity Ambassadors

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Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within NHS Finance

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What do Inclusion and Diversity Ambassadors do?

Our Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Ambassadors help us understand the impact our programmes and activities have on making NHS finance more inclusive. They also help to identify challenges and areas that need additional support, improvement and investment.

I&D Ambassadors come together in regional networks where they meet and share experiences. Together, they develop local action plans for their organisations and regions to implement.

Ambassadors work to link the ED&I action plan to the national finance development strategy. They also provide a vital link to finance teams, providing a valuable feedback to leaders about what’s happening ‘on the ground’. These insights influence One NHS Finance’s strategic direction and future plans.

Why I became an Ambassador

“Personally, I was inspired by the opportunity to be proactive, constructive – be a part of the solution.

I saw it as an opportunity to give back to the times in my career someone took a moment to see me as a whole person: a colleague with heart, abilities and potential – not an employee, an assumption, or worse, a stereotype. Through my work with the ambassadors I hope to inspire others to be courageous, to speak up with regards their needs and be honest about their goals and challenges.

I hope to help create a culture where people feel valued, respected and empowered; a workplace where we are encouraged to be curious about different perspectives, approaches and possibilities; an environment where we can connect, share ideas, be honest and be kind.

Sometimes, it feels like a big ask. But we have a great team and I have every faith that, in the right direction, even the smallest of steps we take can be significant.”

Ranjana Manivannan, Senior Costing Accountant at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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