Finance & Clinical Educators (FACE)

Finance and Clinical Educators, the ‘FACE’ of NHS finance. 

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Demystify NHS finance and increase clinical value

Finance and Clinical Educators (FACE) champion clinical engagement and deliver financial training to improve patient outcomes. We aim to have a FACE in every organisation to facilitate optimal collaboration between finance and clinicians, enabling us to work together most effectively. Every FACE can access resources and guidance to support finance training and engagement. Every FACE who logs their hours of teaching receives FACE certification. Are you interested in becoming a FACE?

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FACE Resources

Access all “Demystifying NHS Finance” presentations, briefings and much more here in our resource library.

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FACE Teaching Log

Remember to log your teaching hours to receive FACE certification. (Please note that you can only log teaching completed in the last 12 months)

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Add our FACE email badge to your signature. FACEs that are certified to levels 1,2 and 3 will receive an email banner showing their level.


FACE Certification

FACE Certification is a way of recognising active members of the network who are teaching finance to clinicians and non-finance managers in their organisations.