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The National Rainbow Network will take a leading role in developing a more inclusive NHS Finance for colleagues who identify as LGBTQIA+. The network’s objective is to raise awareness and support colleagues through education and sharing experiences. If you would be interested in joining the network then please get in touch.

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What does the National Rainbow Network do?

The National Rainbow Network plays a leading role in making NHS Finance a more inclusive place for colleagues who identify as LGBTQIA+.

The National Rainbow Network exists to raise awareness and support colleagues.

“I was unsure of joining this network as I have never really mixed with other LGBTQIA+ people, or ever got involved with the scene. I decided to join because I am passionate about diversity, inclusion and equality and felt I needed to support my identity group. The group was very welcoming and my nervousness about being a part of it disappeared very quickly. I felt that I was in a safe environment and at ease to get involved. I would highly recommend joining this group”.

Graham Miller, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

What are the objectives of the National Rainbow Network?

The National Rainbow Network has the following objectives:

  • Improving visibility by supporting colleagues to come out, linking in with existing groups, and
    featuring in main conference agendas.
  • Educating those in and outside of the community and empowering people to have open
    discussions to create a safe space.
  • Sharing experiences to create wider awareness and understanding.
  • Learning from other networks.

Are you interested in joining the National Rainbow Network?

The National Rainbow Network includes individuals from across the finance function who want to participate in discussions and drive the agenda forward. If you want to join the Network, sign up here.