Software Skills Network

This growing NHS Finance community offers its members a virtual forum to further develop their skills in widely accessible technologies

What is Software Skills?

Software Skills is an online network dedicated to empowering finance professionals with essential tools such as SQL, Power BI, Power Automate, and Excel.

The MS Teams network

To join the network you will need to access our MS Teams platform where there are individual channels for each of the softwares which allows you to:

Connect with Software Educators: Gain direct access to experienced educators. Feel free to ask questions anytime or schedule personalised 1:1 training calls.

Tap into a Wealth of Resources, this includes:

    • Learning Videos
    • Resource Documents
    • Case Studies
    • Useful Links

Join a Collaborative Learning Community: Interact with fellow members, sharing insights, work, and problem-solving in a supportive environment.

Sign up to the network

Access the software educators and resources

Sign up here


The possible

Join us every January for an immersive event designed for both new and current members. Explore the possibilities that unfold when you harness the potential of each software skill.

Walk away with a basic understanding of each software and the essential requirements to begin your journey to becoming software educated.

Focused sessions

Throughout the year, experienced software users will put on focused showcase sessions to help you understand the software’s further and to learn about any new developments.

Keep an eye on the events page to book your places.

How to contribute and gain recognition

Once you have signed up to the network you can get involved in a variety of different ways:

Become Software Educated

  1. Write a Blog: Share your insights and experiences.
  2. Develop a Resource: Contribute to a valuable resource for others in the field.
  3. Create a Case Study Document: Showcase your successful implementations.

Submit a blog directly to the website or email you resources to

Become a Software Educator

Your journey doesn’t just stop at learning; it can lead to sharing  knowledge and collaboration. Once you begin sharing your new skills with fellow colleagues or running showcase session to share your work, you will be recognised as an educator.

If you’re interested in joining the current network leads and supporting other educators, then please contact

Want to learn more?

Follow the below links to the software of your choice to learn more and sign up to the network.