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Supporting and developing the NHS Finance community


Building on the successful Future-Focused Finance initiative, in 2019 we launched a nationwide conversation that gave everyone working in the finance community the opportunity to share current challenges and input into the future of the function. All of the ideas, comments and feedback we received through this conversation were used to develop One NHS Finance.

One NHS Finance brings together three national programmes: Future-Focused Finance, the National Finance Academy, and the Finance Innovation Forum. Our main goal is to make sure that everyone working in NHS finance has access to the opportunities they need to develop their skills, excel in their roles, and accelerate their careers.

We continuously review and refresh One NHS Finance programmes so they remain relevant for all finance professionals. If you have any questions on One NHS Finance, or would like further information, please contact us at one.finance@nhs.net

A key part of the One NHS Finance is the Towards Excellence Accreditation process. This initiative was established to give due recognition to organisations that have the very best finance skills development culture and practices in place. You can find out which organisations have gained accreditation and are members of the ONF networks via our interactive map.

All of the ONF programmes produce a wide range of events, development programmes, networks, resources, toolkits and briefings – all developed to support our ambitious objectives outlined in the National Finance Development strategy, EDI action plan, and Inclusive Talent Management strategy. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our second anonymous online conversation ‘Shaping the Future’, you can read the campaign report here: Shaping the Future.

Discover more about our national programmes as you explore below.

Our Programmes

Future-Focused Finance

Giving everyone in NHS Finance a voice and an opportunity to collaborate to improve clinical engagement and outcomes.

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Finance Innovation Forum

A place for finance professionals to discuss ideas, solve problems, share innovations, and respond to challenges.

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National Finance Academy

Ensuring NHS staff receive inclusive, comprehensive, and structured training and development while delivering on ED&I targets.

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Leadership and Governance

The Finance Leadership Council (FLC) provides oversight to the national programmes and is the main decision-making forum for the NHS Finance Development Strategy. Its objective is to draw on the work done to date and ensure a culture of consistent, high quality finance development across the NHS in England by setting and ensuring the delivery of the strategic aims and objectives.

Programme Chairs

Each of our programmes is overseen by a Finance Leadership Group, chaired by a CFO and composed of representatives from NHSE regions, ensuring inclusive regional representation. These groups provide oversight and strategic direction to our work and support the National Team to develop projects and initiatives for the NHS finance community.

National Delivery Team

Our National Delivery Team supports the day-to-day operations of the programme. They assist in the development and implementation of new projects and initiatives, and provide support for all of the programmes networks, events, as well as marketing and communications.

Delivery Partnerships

Much of our work is delivered through strong partnerships and collaborations with the Regional Finance Academies, local One NHS Finance boards, the Skills Development Networks, NHS Leadership Academy, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and others.