Innovation Programme

Collecting, peer-reviewing and sharing innovative solutions to problems in the NHS Finance.

What is the Innovation Programme?

The Innovation Programme is an initiative created to gather, evaluate, and share innovative ideas related to NHS finance. Our goal is to help finance teams work more efficiently and provide better service to the rest of the organisation. Submissions to the programme focus on the problems that the innovation aims to solve. In this way, we will learn how organisations have found creative solutions to finance challenges and inspire other finance teams in the NHS to do the same.

So far, we have seen innovations ranging from team engagement to bespoke dashboards. We want to hear from finance teams all over the country and learn about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they have developed. Through the Innovation Programme, we hope to foster collaboration and inspire even more innovation in NHS Finance.

Why submit an NHS Finance Innovation?

Submitting your innovation to the Innovation Programme can provide you with several benefits. By sharing your ideas with other finance teams in the NHS, you can inspire others to implement similar solutions and help create a culture of innovation and improvement within the NHS. You will receive valuable peer-review feedback to refine and improve your innovation, and gain recognition and visibility within the NHS, building your professional reputation and creating new opportunities for collaboration and networking. Additionally, all peer-reviewed innovations are invited to join our Innovation development board, which helps to develop, scale, and launch NHS finance innovations for the benefit of the wider NHS community.

How to submit:

To be eligible for submission, all innovations must be either actively in use or already implemented. They must relate to NHS finance and not be submissions for the implementation of a third-party product. For further information on submitting, please read our submission guide.

All submissions are anonymously peer-reviewed by three colleagues, before being recommended for further development or publication. Innovations that pass the peer review will be published in our Innovation library where they can be shared and learned from.

Peer review deadlines:

Applications to the programme are peer-reviewed in cohorts. The deadlines for submission are the last working day of February, June and October each year.

We encourage every NHS Finance team in the country to submit their innovations to the Innovation Programme. We want to hear about the problems you face and how you have tackled them by innovating. Submit your NHS Finance Innovation here.