Breaking Diversity Barriers

Breaking Diversity Barriers removes obstacles for Band 7-8B finance professionals, ensuring everyone can achieve their potential, regardless of background.

Who is Breaking Diversity Barriers for?

Breaking Diversity Barriers aims to empower finance staff in Band 7-8B from under-represented groups with the skills to overcome the barriers they may face in their working lives. 

This can include (but is not limited to) those from diverse ethnic backgrounds, different genders, the LGBTQIA+ community, those living with a disability, and those with other protected characteristics. 

Research conducted before One NHS Finance was created identified that some professionals in Band 7-8b roles faced challenges in progressing into Band 8b+ roles. Breaking Diversity Barriers explores the reasons why and identifies solutions.

Programme Objectives:

  • Build the confidence and resilience needed to be your authentic self
  • Recognise barriers to diversity and inclusion and how to overcome these
  • Gain the confidence to challenge discrimination and perceived inequalities in the workplace
  • Learn the skills and strategies needed to succeed in inherently biased environments
  • Understand how to define your USP and use it to power career progression

After completion of this programme, candidates should feel confident to step-up into more senior positions and to apply to our other existing senior talent management programmes.

How to apply:

All Breaking Diversity Barriers applicants will need to complete an online application form.

Please read through the application pack before registering your interest or completing the application form.

Applications are now open until Saturday 30th September 2023

You can submit your application via this form. 

Programme Delivery:

The programme is delivered through three face-to-face events from December to February each year. 

The Breaking Diversity Barriers programme includes sessions and presentations from diversity, equality, and inclusion experts and leaders. The sessions are about learning and sharing experiences, which may include controversial and challenging subject matter. Participants will be expected to share and feedback openly throughout. We operate a strict policy of confidentiality and Chatham house rules will be instated which everyone will respect. Anything shared during the sessions will remain private.

There is one chair for all three days with individual speakers and facilitators invited to present. This will include sessions from experts and leaders within the equality, diversity and inclusion field and will be interactive and discussion-led.

2023 – 2024 programme dates 

Day 1 – London – Thursday 14th December

Day 2 – Manchester – Thursday 11th January

Day 3 – Birmingham – Tuesday 13th February

You can download the current programme here. (please note this is subject to change)


Breaking Diversity Barriers is free for all NHS Finance staff. 

Travel and expenses are not included.

“Very interactive and engaging and has helped regain my self-esteem.” Cohort 2 delegate feedback.

“I attended the 1st day of One NHS Finance Breaking Diversity Barriers programme and I can see why it is so highly recommended! Great facilitators, speakers (loved listening to Caroline Owusu-Bennoah and her inspiring stories) and best of all to spend time with an amazing bunch of people.” Cohort 3 delegate feedback.