Sponsorship Programme

The Sponsorship Programme helps high-potential finance staff from under-represented groups advance within NHS finance.

The Sponsorship Programme is aimed at:

  • female colleagues
  • individuals of Black, Asian and minority ethnicity
  • individuals with disabilities
  • individuals that identify to the LGBTQ+ community

The sponsorship relationship is a reciprocal one that requires dedication and attention from both parties. It is the sponseeā€™s responsibility to deliver to a high standard and be trustworthy; they must also drive the relationship building by proactively organising meetings and shaping conversations in line with what they want to get out of the programme. In return the sponsor gives advice, feedback, creates space for their sponsee to connect with other influential professionals, and advocates for their sponsee to have access to career enhancing opportunities.

Not sure if sponsorship is for you?

Watch our overview animation explaining how the Sponsorship Programme may benefit you.

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If you think the Sponsorship programme is for you, please read the below documents before contacting finance.academy@nhs.net to apply.

Sponsee Leads

Meet the regional Sponsee leads here

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I’d like to be sponsored

A handy writable e-workbook to help you assess whether sponsorship is right for you, and walks you through the process getting you ready for your first meeting with a Sponsor.

Download here

I’d like to be a Sponsor

Use this Sponsor Toolkit to see if sponsoring someone is right for you, including guidance on how to navigate the Sponsorship relationship.

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The Sponsorship Summit 2023 – September 15

This event is available to all colleagues who are in the programme or interested in becoming a Sponsor or Sponsee. You will hear many success stories as well as attending facilitated development sessions to give you the skills needed to fulfil your role within the programme and progress your career.

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Read the latest National Sponsee Newsletter here. 


NHS Finance Sponsorship Programme Overview

NHS Finance Sponsorship Programme Overview – Inclusive talent management In NHS Finance.