Sponsorship Programme

The Sponsorship Programme helps high-potential finance staff from under-represented groups advance within NHS finance.

What is the Sponsorship Programme?

The Sponsorship programme is a reciprocal relationship in which a ‘Sponsor’- person in a more senior position – can guide and positively impact their Sponsee’s career progression by opening doors to opportunities not necessarily accessible through usual routes and connecting them with other colleagues within their organisation and local systems.

Who is the Programme for?

The NHS Finance Sponsorship Programme provides this career support to high potential finance staff who are from the groups under-represented at more senior levels within NHS Finance. This includes;

  • female colleagues
  • individuals of Black, Asian and minority ethnicity
  • individuals with disabilities
  • individuals that identify to the LGBTQ+ community

You must identify with one or more of the above characteristics to apply for the programme.

Is the Sponsorship programme right for you?

Watch our overview animation explaining how the Sponsorship Programme may benefit you.

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Programme requirements

The sponsorship relationship requires dedication and attention from both parties. It is the Sponsee’s responsibility to drive the relationship by proactively organising meetings and shaping conversations in line with their career aims. The Sponsor’s role is to give advice, feedback, and provide networking opportunities. The Sponsor must also act as an advocate for their Sponsee, allowing them to access career enhancing opportunities.

Sponsorship is different to mentoring in that a Sponsor is network-and-action orientated , taking mentorship to the next level. While mentoring is generally related to providing advice and guidance around key development areas, a Sponsor is more personally involved in their Sponsee’s next career steps.

Mentors are great and may be more suited to what you are looking for development-wise and this is something you should assess once reading through this information, however a Sponsorship relationship could be the key to your next career move or step-up, as a Sponsor is on the front lines and will tell others that you are the right person for the job!

To find out more and get involved see the below information.