Become an innovation peer reviewer

Help appraise and accelerate NHS innovation!

What do Innovation Peer Reviewers do?

The NHS Finance Innovation Peer Reviewers is our volunteer community of NHS staff that fact-check and provide feedback on all submissions. Your expertise and insights will help us accelerate the introduction of new ways of working for the NHS.

Reviewers are expected to perform one SWOT analysis of a single innovation within each submission window. The exercise should take no longer than one hour. 

At the end of the review, you’ll provide us with your professional opinion on the innovation. You can recommend it to be recognised as an innovation or if it requires further development before being admitted.

Interested in becoming an Innovation Peer Reviewer?

To be eligible for peer reviewer selection, you must work in NHS Finance and be employed by a public NHS Organisation. 

To apply to become a peer reviewer for the Innovation Programme, please complete your details by clicking the button below.