Health and Wellbeing (H&W) Champions

Improving the health & wellbeing of NHS Finance staff and creating opportunities for support.

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H&W Champion Charter

Is this the network for you?

You can learn all about what it’s like to be a H&W Champion, including the role, objectives, and expectations in our downloadable charter.

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What do the H&W Champions do?

Health and Wellbeing Champions work to improve finance staff’s physical and mental wellbeing, raising awareness of issues and signposting support. 

Supporting our team is one of Future-Focused Finance’s key themes. We want every member of NHS finance staff to feel supported at work – and our H&W Champions help us to achieve this.

The H&W Champion Network provides members with tools and training and access to a network of others to share experiences and insights. Together, H&W Champions are helping to create a supportive and welcoming culture and happier and healthier teams.

Why become a H&W Champion?

Our H&W Champions help us to understand how staff feel. These insights enable us to shape our activities, programmes and support – ensuring we focus on the areas that matter most to finance staff.

You will play a crucial role in our development, but you won’t be alone. H&W Champions are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas and resources. The network has a ‘Team’ on the ONF Teams page where you can easily share ideas, resources and any problems with other champions.

We aim to have a H&W Champion in every NHS finance department in England. Could you help us achieve this?

Interested in becoming a H&W Champion?

If you’re interested in becoming a H&W Champion, start by reading our charter.

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