Supporting our Staff

Find all the Future-Focused Finance resources to help support NHS Finance staff across the NHS in England.

Personal resilience and the wellbeing of employees are recognised as being of great importance in developing and maintaining a high performing team. Reviews such as the Boorman Review focused attention on staff health and wellbeing and over the last 10 years numerous resources have been developed by NHS Employers to help NHS organisations to implement initiatives.

In a changing landscape for finance teams, in respect of technological advancements that will change what we do and how we do it, but also in respect of integrated working across health communities, personal wellbeing and resilience, and team resilience is extremely important.  Through this theme supports our staff through the challenges and changes ahead through workshops, networks and programmes.

Workplace Wellbeing

The Department for Work and Pensions have produced a tool for calculating the cost of poor employee health called Workplace Wellbeing Tool.

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NHS Staff Survey

The results from the 2021 NHS Staff Survey which features information on staff health and wellbeing.

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Support for workplaces

Local Councils offer wellbeing support for workplaces that you may be able to access through your organisation.

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NHS Live Well

The NHS provides a live-well website that includes a number of audio guides and information pages, covering health and wellbeing, mental wellbeing and resilience.

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Mental Health Wellbeing

Some more mental health wellbeing resources to help support you.

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Hybrid Working Resource Pack

A resource pack is now available for you to download, helping you get Hybrid Working right in your organisation

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Wellbeing Webinars

Find out about all our upcoming Wellbeing Workshops

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Great Place to work Toolkit

This framework has been designed based on the results of the literature review of the core characteristics of a great place to work. It aims to provide a set of tools and resources for use by Finance teams in the NHS as they seek to continually improve their workplaces.

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