Health and Wellbeing Champions

Help to create opportunities for staff support and raise awareness of health & wellbeing issues.

H&W Champion Charter

Is this the network for you?

Find out more about the H&W Champion role, objectives, and expectations in this downloadable PDF charter.

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About the network –

Our Health and Wellbeing Champion Network is Future-Focused Finance’s newest network, our champions help to create opportunities for staff to access support and raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues.  Supporting our staff is one of FFF’s key themes and now more than ever we want to make sure that staff feel supported at work.  Developing a supportive culture and having happy and well teams will produce better results.

The Health and Wellbeing Champion network will provide members with tools, training, and network of other champions to share ideas on how best to support staff wellbeing and resilience . Our champions can help us to understand how staff are feeling on the ground so we can develop our offerings/programmes in line with what our finance teams need.

Upcoming Events

The network also has a ‘Team’ on the ONF Teams page where they can easily share ideas, resources and any problems with other champions.

This is a really important role and we have an aim to have one in every finance department in the NHS in England.  Have a read of our charter for some ideas on how you can get started.

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