I’d like to be a Sponsee

Find out if becoming a Sponsee is the right step for you.

The role of a Sponsee

As a Sponsee, you will play a proactive role in driving your relationship with your Sponsor by organising meetings and shaping conversations based on your individual aims and objectives. Trustworthiness, loyalty, and a willingness to commit time to the program are essential qualities that will enable you to complete any tasks set by your Sponsor. It is important to note that the program does not guarantee a promotion, and your success will be directly proportional to the effort you invest in it.

Here are some examples of how a Sponsee would fulfill their role:

  • Listens to advice and feedback and aims to deliver in exceptional ways
  • Is trustworthy / loyal and can be counted on
  • Takes on opportunities given to them and pushes their comfort boundaries

Who can act as a Sponsee?

In order to be on the Sponsorship programme, you must identify with at least one of the protected characteristics. This is because the programme is there to support colleagues who face hidden barriers throughout their careers and are under-represented as the roles become more senior within the NHS.

It is important that before applying to the programme you can answer yeas to the below points.

  • I have been working within NHS Finance for at least a year
  • I am working towards and will be eligible for a promotion within the next 2-3 years
  • I aspire to progress within NHS finance and potentially become a leader
  • I am a good listener who practises self-reflection
  • I am open to undertaking opportunities and approaching them with enthusiasm
  • I proactively seek feedback from others and can apply this feedback in a constructive way (an example of this would be evidence of partaking in 360-degree feedback)

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above statements it may be that sponsorship is not the best option for you. We would encourage you to discuss your aspirations with your line manager, Skills Development Lead or regional academy to seek their advice on how you can best continue your development. A sponsorship relationship may benefit you in the future and in the interim, there are plenty of other ways to develop your skills and experience.

How to Apply?

To apply to join the programme as a Sponsor or a Sponsee, please complete this sign up form 

The Sponsorship Programme relies on volunteers from within NHS Finance who are committed to supporting individuals with career development. While we strive to pair each individual with a compatible partner, we cannot guarantee a match. However, rest assured that if we are unable to pair you within the programme, we will provide assistance in accessing other valuable career development opportunities, such as mentorship and coaching.

Appointing a Guardian

A guardian is a colleague from within your region who is in a more senior position to both the Sponsors and Sponsee who can oversee the relationship and ensure it is working effectively and is beneficial for both members.

If you are band 7 or below it is are requirement that a guardian is appointed to oversee your Sponsorship relationship.  Although not mandated, it is recommended that all relationships appoint a guardian. Please have a think about who you would like to be your guardian when applying to the programme.

If you would like any further information, or to chat through the programme please contact finance.academy@nhs.net


The Sponsee Workbook

NHS Finance Sponsorship Programme: The Sponsee workbook. This workbook will help you establish your sponsorship relationship, identify what you would like to gain from the relationship, and offer a structure for the relationship in terms of meetings and progression.