I’d like to be a Sponsor

Find out if becoming a Sponsor is the right step for you.

The role of a Sponsor

As a Sponsor, you will dedicate your time to support your Sponsee by sharing your skills and experiences with them. You will have the opportunity to champion their career development and promote their potential to help support their progression. Your presence and support will be invaluable when you are in the same room, but your advocacy on their behalf when you are not present will be equally important. By participating in this programme, you will not only help others achieve their career aspirations but also gain invaluable insights about yourself.

Here are some examples of how a Sponsor would fulfill their role.

  • Advocates for their Sponsee and supports their career development and progression
  • Is ‘light touch’ but ‘high impact’
  • Connects their Sponsee to their network of senior finance professionals to open doors to support career progression
  • Provides their Sponsee with access to opportunities that will stretch them, and provides the resources they need to succeed
  • Gives their Sponsee frank, open, constructive feedback on their Sponsee’s performance
  • Gives advice on development opportunities and career progression
  • Builds trust and creates time to regularly meet with their Sponsee
  • Is an advocate for inclusive staff training and development
  • Understands the benefits of the sponsorship relationship, both for the Sponsee and the Sponsor

Who can act as a Sponsor?

If you can answer yes to the below points then you will be eligible to take on the role of a Sponsor.

  • I work in a leadership position and / or a more senior position to my sponsee and I have influence over my Sponsee and can provide career progressive opportunities
  • I have a strong network, positive working relationships, and a good reputation with senior colleagues, and / or finance staff at my level, in my current organisation
  • I have a strong network of senior finance professionals in neighboring organisations and within my local system
  • I regularly attend meetings that would support the progression of my sponsee if they were to shadow them and can arrange access for them to attend
  • I encourage others to give me feedback throughout my career (an example of this would be partaking in 360-degree feedback)
  • I am skilled at giving honest feedback
  • I am prepared to make time to meet with my Sponsee and prioritise this role as a Sponsor, even during challenging periods

We encourage Sponsees who are already in the programme from the more senior bands to consider becoming Sponsors for colleagues joining in bands 7 and below or for someone who is in a lower band than you are. It is a great opportunity to develop your personal skills further, but to also give back to someone else who is looking for similar career support as yourself.

Any Sponsor who signs up to the programme will have access to training which will support them in their role.

How to Apply?

To apply to join the programme as a Sponsor, please complete this sign up form 

Appointing a Guardian

A guardian is a colleague from within your region who is in a more senior position to both the Sponsors and Sponsee who can oversee the relationship and ensure it is working effectively and is beneficial for both members.

If you are band 7 or below it is are requirement that a guardian is appointed to oversee your Sponsorship relationship.  Although not mandated, it is recommended that all relationships appoint a guardian. Please have a think about who you would like to be your guardian when applying to the programme.


Toolkit for Sponsors of Finance Staff

Toolkit for Sponsors of Finance Staff – This workbook will help you establish your sponsorship relationship, identify what you and your sponsee would like to gain from the relationship, and offer a structure for the relationship.