March 2024 One NHS Finance Team Updates

Welcome to the March One NHS Finance blog. Here you will find all the highlights of our programmes and networks over that last month and discover all the opportunities and everything else coming up in the month ahead.

Important Upcoming Dates That You Should Know

International Women’s Day March 8 #InspireInclusion


Last month we had 20 network meetings, with The National Rainbow Network celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month with a special series of events, watch back on these sessions here. You can now also view recently published blogs from members of the network.

This month we are looking forward to an Inclusion and Diversity Showcase Session on March 12, explore the innovative strategies employed by North East London NHS FT to foster a culture of inclusivity. From supporting mentoring to pioneering recruitment practices, discover how NELFT is actively dismantling barriers and creating a more equitable and diverse workplace.

On March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day, this year’s theme is #InspireInclusion, which is focused on celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness about discrimination and taking action to drive gender parity. The Women in Leadership for Finance Network brings together both women and men working in finance roles across the country who are committed to making NHS finance leadership more reflective of the finance community and populations we serve. If you want to find out more and how to join the network, please email

We have also just confirmed some key event dates, The Sponsorship Summit will take place on September 26 and The Value Maker Annual Conference will be held on November 7, book your places early!


Last month we celebrated the Future-Focused Finance programme turning 10!! Watch back on the Induction to Future-Focused Finance webinar and view our journey to date timeline here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Innovation Programme this Cohort, we received 25 NHS finance innovations for the next peer review, successful innovations will be published in the Innovation Library in April. You can watch back on all Innovation Showcases on our YouTube playlist.

This month, join us for the ever popular Demystifying NHS Finance event on March 13, this comprehensive event is designed to educate healthcare professionals and managers who do not have a finance background about the basics of NHS Finance.

We recently published our 2024 update of the National NHS Finance ED&I action plan, make sure you are up to speed and take the time to read it this month.

The National Finance Academy is excited to announce that a new development programme is in the works, The Aspiring Deputies National Talent Pool will support NHS finance colleagues in progressing to Deputy Director of Finance level. This is a two year programme which involves an initial 2-day development Centre in November 2024, followed by in-person / online masterclasses and on-going support. Learn more and register your interest here: The Aspiring Deputies National Talent Pool.

The EVO Handbook is here! Apply for the free of charge EVO Handbook today to start making shared decisions that will improve the efficiency of your specialties and services. Learn how to use PLICS and value to evidence the impact of clinical transformations. Find out more details here.

That’s a wrap for this month, please download our monthly presentation slides below, thank you for reading.

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