Promoting NHS Finance Careers

Making our NHS the employer of choice for a career in finance.

A role in NHS Finance has a lot to offer and we want to attract new and diverse talent at all levels. Finance is part of everything the NHS does, we aim to create better awareness both internally and externally, on the integral strategic role of finance to the delivery of patient care. We want our NHS to be the employer of choice for a career in finance.

What could a career in NHS Finance offer you?

Recruitment for finance roles is happening right now, and a career with the NHS can offer a fantastic array of opportunities to progress quickly with rewarding benefits.

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NHS Finance Careers Brochure

NHS Finance Careers Brochure – It might surprise you to learn that there are over 350 different types of career in the NHS including a range of options as part of the finance team that supports the clinical services provided by the NHS.


NHS Finance Career Stories Brochure

There are many different routes in to a career in NHS Finance. Have a read through the following stories from colleagues who have progressed through their finance roles and what opportunities they took to get to where they are today.


NHS Finance Career Stories: Successful moves between NHS sectors

Find out more about Wonu Ogunlela’s, Head of PMO at Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals, NHS finance career journey.


NHS Finance Career Map

NHS Finance Career Map – Helping you to identify your route into NHS finance.


Promoting NHS Finance Careers: Work Experience Guide, School Children

Work experience in an NHS finance department has many benefits to young people, find out more in this guide.


Access Accountancy Programme Guide

Working Towards Everyone having an equal chance of accessing, and progressing within, the accountancy profession.


Recruitment: Advertising Top Tips For Busy Hiring Managers from The Skills Development Network

Advertising Top Tips For Busy Hiring Managers. A handy guide produced by the Skills Development Network.