Educational Outreach Project

Promoting a career in NHS finance

Designed to help recruit the next generation of accountants

Tackling the ongoing recruitment crisis in NHS Finance departments

Every NHS Finance Department is faced with problems recruiting and retaining excellent accountants and leaders. To combat these issues, we need to promote what it is like to work for the NHS in a finance department.

How can we tackle these issues and promote a career in NHS Finance?

The North East & North Cumbria and Yorkshire & Humber Region have designed a resource pack containing event activities and lessons which can be delivered in schools, colleges, universities and career fairs.

As a former Secondary School Teacher, Ben Underwood (a new member of the SDN team for the North East and Yorkshire Region) was given the opportunity to be creative and design resources which allow students or potential employees to experience what it is like to work for the NHS in a finance department.

Instead of giving students a lecture on why they should join the NHS – the resources we have created are fun, engaging and interactive. Each resource intentionally targets different skills that are required to be a successful member of the finance team.

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