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Cohort 4 is now open

For this cohort we are expanding the Innovation Programme, and are working with the HFMA to collect and share examples of clinical transformation. These will be included as case studies in the NHS England and HFMA NHS value and efficiency map, these will not be peer-reviewed.

When submitting, you will be asked to select which of the two options below you would like to submit to:

Finance innovation

Introducing innovative processes within the finance function allows finance teams to be more efficient and provide a better service to the rest of the organisation

Clinical transformation

Transforming how patient care is delivered by front-line clinical teams ensures that organisations maximise the use of their resources to deliver high-quality care.


Please make sure you have read the Cohort 4 Application Guide before clicking the link below to make a submission to the programme.


Cohort 4 is open

Deadline 3rd October

Follow the link below to make a submission

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