Women in Leadership in NHS Finance – London

An inclusive regional network open to all genders

Supporting the National Women in Leadership network, this regional group brings together both women and men working in finance roles across London who are committed to making NHS finance leadership more reflective of the finance community and populations we serve, through improving the gender balance in senior finance roles.

The network aims to do this by focusing on 4 key areas of development:

  • Returning to work and flexible working
  • Male Allies
  • Picture of Leadership
  • Talent Management

The group is chaired Laragh Walton, University College London & Vicky Clarke, Group Chief Financial Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

If you would like join the network please email charlie.dolan@nhs.net.

A Picture of Leadership Profiles

The regional network have conducted a series of interviews with senior female finance staff, aimed at highlighting the range of skills, styles and behaviours that are needed in a modern NHS leadership role.


London CFO Male Allies Videos

Our Regional CFO interviews showcase male leaders who champion gender equality and support their female colleagues in healthcare. Join us as we move towards a more equitable future for all.

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Returning to work and flexible working support

The network is working to ensure there is structure to give consistent support for those returning to work after time out of the workplace. Learn about the ‘Returnship Programme’ and Flexible Working resource pack here.


International Women’s Day: Equality vs Equity

To support this years International Women’s Day, Hannah Witty, Regional Director of Finance at NHS England, has written a blog emphasising the need for embracing equity as a region to ensure we attain equality.


National ‘Women in Leadership’ Network

An inclusive national network open to all genders., bringing together those working in finance roles across the country who are committed to making NHS finance leadership more reflective of the populations we serve.