Reasonable Adjustments Case Studies

Here you will find case studies based on the experiences NHS finance colleagues have had in relation to reasonable adjustments.

Case Study 1 – Anonymous

“I had to work part-time (30 hrs) at the advice of my consultant due to long-term conditions and complications. Our head of department and manager at the time were very supportive and processed this ASAP. However, on a work reshuffle, my new line manager said she did not want any part-timers on her team and said I would need to go down a grade to continue working as a manager myself. She continued saying this would also discourage others from requesting flexible part-time work. I spoke to our department Head regarding this issue and he spoke to my line manager and myself, stating that I would continue to work at my level, hours and be supported with any extra help required.

On another occasion, I had gone for a promotion and was asked how I would bridge the hours to full-time as they would not accommodate my 30-hour in-work week. I said I would be happy if they would allow me to work the additional 1 day from home or leave earlier and do the extra 1.5hr a day from home. My request and promotion were refused, despite the interview feedback saying I did exceptionally well as if I had all the answers before the interview!

On a more recent job application, I rang up and discussed the role with the manager as I had all the experience to do this role (had managed a similar role). I raised the question if there would be an issue with me working 30 hr week. I was told no as we are a double tick disability employer, and told to apply as had all the skills, and expertise they were looking for. I applied and had an interview. However, on the interview result day, the only feedback I was given was – ‘we are sorry but need someone fulltime, and can give you detailed feedback upon request.’ I requested detailed feedback, but they never got back in touch.”

Case Study 2 – Craig Dennis, Apprentice Assistant Accountant, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

“I had an accident back in 2019 which left me paralysed from the waist down as I have a spinal cord injury at level T10.

I now work for Devon Partnership NHS Trust and prior to starting my role here as an apprentice Accountant back in 2020, I had to have an occupational health meeting to assess my disability. During this meeting, we discussed what benefits me from living with a spinal cord injury and one of the most important things was my physio sessions.

DPT agreed that I can have every other Friday afternoon off of work to attend Physio as a reasonable adjustment to my full-time contract of 37.5 hours a week. This time off is paid and doesn’t use any of my annual leave allowance or get recorded as a sick day.

They also agreed as a reasonable adjustment that any appointment relating to my spinal cord injury… hospital, doctors etc is also time I am allowed off paid and this also doesn’t use my annual leave or get recorded as a sick day.”

You can find out more about The National Disabilities Network here.