Wellbeing during Winter and C19

How are you thinking about supporting your people through Winter and C19?

Well 2020 has not been what any of us expected!

As the days start to shorten considering our staff emotional and physical wellbeing is going to be critical and I am interested to hear what others are doing to support this. 

At Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit we have tried a number of things which I am happy to share below (on top of regular discussions in 1:1’s)  and if anyone would like more information please drop me an email:

  • Setting the culture and ensuring staff understand the importance of looking after their emotional and physical wellbeing by open discussion and modelling the right behaviour
  • Flexible working patterns – to support caring needs individuals may have and to allow people to fit day to day life into working i.e. execise, appointments
  • Organised extra kit to ensure that staff have all resources they need to complete work safely in a hone environment
  • Weekly touch base survey – allowing staff a forum to be honest how they are feeling in a confidential manner
  • Team quiz and lunch – monthly a team session which is purely social
  • Virtual office – set up a virtual office which allows people to use Microsoft Teams which
  • Exercise challenges – currently doing Walktober to encourage people to get up and move more and fit this into their working day
  • Using Microsoft Teams to create social communtiies with people with like minded hobbies
  • Regular clear corporate comms on expectations of duration on working from home
  • Developing candidate assessment days to recruit staff virtually
  • Meeting expectation management – ensuring meetings finish early to allow people time to move and regroup

I hope this helps and I am looking forward to heariing what you are doing as a team.