Automation of Prescribing Reports & Month End Accounting Processes

Suffolk and North East Essex ICB, East of England, Integrated Care Board (ICB)

The problem

The merger of Ipswich & East Suffolk, North East Essex CCG and West Suffolk CCG meant there was an opportunity to streamline the process of generating budget reports. Initially focused on practice level budget reports, this automation initiative has expanded to include prescribing reinvestment schemes, prescribing month end processes, and deeper analytical insights. The automation utilises nationally available datasets, so it would be easily reconfigured for other ICBs.


The challenge

The management accountant responsible for the automation must save pdf copies for audit purposes and digitally sign off on the reports before distributing them to end users.


The outputs

  • A comprehensive file handling budget reports, prescribing reinvestment schemes, prescribing month end processes, and further analytics comparing prescribing spend or count against various datasets (AstroPU, List Size Metrics, Deprivation Scores) based on in-house labels or British national formulary (BNF) chapter.


The outcomes

  • The automation has resulted in significant time savings, allowing the management accountant to focus on value-added tasks without making their role redundant.
  • PowerQuery has proven to be futureproof, as instructions for the query can be labelled at each stage, making adjustments easy without complications.
  • Utilisation of nationally available datasets ensures that the automation can be easily reconfigured for other ICBs, enhancing scalability and adaptability.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Great innovation that uses modern excel functions to speed up and perform this task in a new way.”

“Easy to develop and tweak compared to other programming languages.”

“Power Query is a great tool in automating the formatting and data lookup of a task. Great to see others starting to use this and other Excel add-ons.”

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