Automated MH Placements Accrual Working Papers

North West London ICB, London, Integrated Care Board (ICB)

The problem

The finance team must create an automated solution to generate consistent and transparent working papers for each placement accrual. The current process is inefficient, using resources that could be redirected to more valuable tasks.


The challenge

How can we automate the production of working papers that are consistent and clear for each placement accrual, while also enhancing team efficiency and freeing up resources for more value-added tasks?


The outputs and outcomes

  • Separate working paper for each individual accrual.
  • The automated process will save a significant amount of time compared to manual process.
  • Consistent and easy to follow working papers

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Reduced the amount of time it takes to produce working papers due to the process now being automated.”

“It is a good example of using easily available programming platform to automate a recurring process resulting in time savings.”

“Has started the idea of introducing automation into everyday/month end tasks.”

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