Oracle Responsibility Reviewer

NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU, Midlands, Commissioning Support Unit (CSU)

The problem

The customer finance team needs to routinely review Oracle responsibilities to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and that users only have access that is in accordance with NHS England’s standing financial instructions (SFI)’s and scheme of delegation (SoD).


The challenge

How can we ensure there are no conflicts of interest to prevent users from accessing responsibilities they shouldn’t have?


The outputs

Excel template which shows any discrepancies with a user’s Oracle account.


The outcomes

The spreadsheet will highlight any users with a conflict with their responsibilities or limits.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“This automation allows for immediate identification and highlighting of any discrepancies, enabling prompt remedial action.”

“It is unique in that it eliminates having to check responsibilities against separate reports from different systems one at a time which can lead to errors.”

“The successful implementation of the automated ISFE matrix presents opportunities for further enhancements and integrations.”

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