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West London NHS Trust, London, Mental Health

The problem

Management accountants need to answer a lot of similar queries because otherwise budget holders cannot complete tasks on the finance system.


The challenge

How might we empower budget holders with quick, easily accessible, advice to their frequently asked questions (FAQs) so that they can complete finance tasks without being reliant on access to and time with the finance team.

The outputs

The tangible outputs of our innovation were the creation of ‘How to’ guides for budget holders, covering key tasks such as:

  • Accessing a budget statement
  • Raising a requisition
  • Interpreting a budget statement


The outcomes

  • Involvement of junior team members, including an SDN placement student, in an innovative project from inception to completion, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration with non-finance staff in communications and IT.
  • Provision of an additional resource for budget holders who may be unable to contact their management accountant or lack the time to refer back to the budget holder handbook.
  • Increased visibility of junior members of the finance team through their introduction of each video, enhancing their profile within the organisation.

The Innovation

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All documents and resources relating to this innovation can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Useful and significant time savings for both budget holders and finance team.”

“Great innovation / idea from the Management Accountants to produce training videos to provide easily accessible training resources to budget managers, to reduce the time spent by the Finance team on answering similar type queries each month.”

“A great use of resource utilising our technical skills and tools available.”

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