Theatre Capacity Live modelling tool

The Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Midlands, Acute

The problem

The operational management team lacks insight into the job planned theatre capacity and the sessions delivered within this capacity. This hampers decision-making regarding the delivery of additional capacity with optimal value for money.


The challenge

The operational management team must gain insight into the job planned theatre capacity to avoid requesting additional premium rate sessions unnecessarily. Without this insight, there is a risk of overlooking available job planned capacity that could be utilised effectively.


The outputs

  • Development of a tool that maps job planned capacity on a weekly basis with our theatre schedule. This tool provides a clear overview of available capacity for decision-making purposes.


The outcomes

The innovation resulted in a tool that enables informed decisions about premium rate theatre capacity based on insight into available job planned capacity. By maximising the utilisation of job planned capacity before resorting to premium rate sessions, the trust can optimise resource allocation and enhance cost-effectiveness.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“By having this tool the trust is able to identify potential cost pressures in theatres advance of the monthly reporting cycle and manage these effectively.”

“The bespoke tool demonstrates efficiency and contributes to better resource utilisation.”

“This tool would be very useful in supporting PLICS and SLR costing for the organisation.”

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