Appreciation Day

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, North West, Mental Health

The problem

Pennine Care NHS needed to facilitate an Appreciation Day for the Finance team because otherwise the understanding of the office functions and how we work as a cohesive team will be difficult and team members may never understand and appreciate how we fit together to deliver support to services that look after our patients and service users.

The challenge

How might we gain an appreciation of each other’s functions so that we work as an understanding and cohesive team?

The outputs

The tangible products that came from our innovation were an appreciation of the role of others in the team, strengthening relationships with a network of colleagues and an understanding of each function in the finance team to gain a strong sense of belonging to a Finance department.

The outcomes

The benefits the team experienced as a result of the innovation were individuals gained confidence in discussing their roles as experts in their respective fields with their colleagues, and an appreciation of challenges each function faces. The whole team benefited from the increased communication and appreciation of others which resulted in small challenges being ironed out. The organisation benefited from a reduced cost of a training venue, a more cohesive finance department and bringing fun to make Pennine Care a great place to work. The system benefits from the sharing of good practice linked to One NHS Finance.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The advantage of this innovation is that it can be replicated quickly in other organisations by using the description and materials provided.”

“The appreciation day event has proven to be a successful teambuilding initiative with numerous benefits for the team, organisation, and individuals involved.”

“Regularly organising similar events could reinforce the team’s sense of belonging and strengthen interdepartmental connections.”

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