Managing Finance projects in an agile way

NHS Arden and GEM CSU, East of England, Commissioning Support Unit (CSU)

The Problem

The CSU project team needed a quick way to organise and assign the 250 plus tasks across the integrated care board (ICB) finance team. The traditional Excel project plan seemed too time consuming and version control was imperative.

The Challenge

How we might use something that can be visible to all project team members in real time?

How we might assign/reassign tasks across the whole project quickly?

How we might use new methods of organising the tasks so that automation could be used?

The outputs

  • User friendly task planner
  • Automated notification of tasks to project team
  • Real time reporting on project/task status

The outcomes 

  • All tasks delivered on time
  • Improved matrix working across the finance team
  • Easy reassignment of tasks across workstreams
  • Improved management/focus at stand up/weekly meetings
  • Improved visibility/capture off tasks involved

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“This innovation saves time and improves efficiency.”

“It’s a great strength to have a tool that users can immediately engage with in a visual way without the need for training.”

“Good use of available technology with minimal training.”

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Here are all of the documents and resources related to this innovation