Moving our finance directorate reports to Power BI

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The problem

The financial management team needs to produce accurate and timely directorate reports for budget holders because otherwise directorates will not have the relevant information to enable them to make effective and efficient business decisions.


The challenge

How might we produce our directorate reports quicker and make them more visually appealing so that budget holders can make better decisions faster and are more engaged with the finance reports.


The outputs

The products that came from our innovation were a new data set that can be used to populate other reports and a new Power BI report that is used for directorate reports and is also used separately for accountability meetings with directorates.


The outcomes

The benefits to the financial management team as a result of the innovation was reduced manual input and therefore quicker production of the reports. Directorates received reports that are visually better and more tailored to their feedback and the organisation now received financial information faster which allows teams to make more efficient decisions.

The Innovation

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All documents and resources relating to this innovation can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

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What the peer-reviewers said

“It gives many opportunities for additional time savings and better presentation of Financial data to Non Finance colleagues for enhanced decision making.”

“This is a very important innovation that could improve the efficiency of NHS finance reporting nationwide and as the potential to provide more greater insights to Directorates and budget holders about their respective areas.”

“Opportunities for further process improvements and expanded usage indicate potential for long-term benefits.”

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