Budget Manager Application

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, East of England, Acute

The problem

The management accounts team faced a challenge in delivering customised budget statements to budget holders. Previously, they relied on the standard Shared Business Services (SBS) Oracle Reporting system, which couldn’t be adjusted to meet their needs. This resulted in budget managers being unable to effectively oversee their budgets and lacked a formal process for reviewing them regularly.


The challenge

How can we provide budget managers with personalised budget statements, along with additional tools like payroll trends, to ensure they have all the necessary information to make informed decisions in their roles?


How can we implement a system to monitor budget holders’ review and sign-off of payroll information, such as contracted/worked whole-time equivalent (WTE), for staff under their budgets? This would help in identifying inaccuracies, such as over/underpayment based on WTE data, and ensure corrections are made promptly.


The outputs

  1. Budget manager application: a user-friendly application designed for budget holders, management, and finance staff, serving as a centralised source of accurate financial information.
  2. Budget holder and sign off application: a tool used to track budget holders and monitor their sign-off activities regularly.
  3. Enhanced reporting: the capability to flag issues such as salary overpayments and non-PO invoicing to budget holders through their month-end packs.


The outcomes

  1. Improved budget holder knowledge: budget holders now have access to a single, reliable source of financial data, enabling them to make informed decisions and engage in more productive discussions.
  2. Increased communication channels: the application has expanded avenues for budget managers to communicate with management accounts, facilitating early identification and resolution of concerns or issues.
  3. Enhanced monitoring and compliance: management accounts can now effectively monitor and review budget holder sign-off compliance each month, ensuring accountability and awareness of budgetary responsibilities among staff.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Leveraging the organisation’s existing business intelligence software ensured familiarity and streamlined adoption.”

“This could easily be shared with other trusts who currently use the same ESR and Ledger software combination to save the same amount of finance time.”

“The development and implementation of the QlikView application for budget holders have effectively addressed the challenges of providing up-to-date budget statements and monitoring payroll information sign-offs.”

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