Staff Survey Information Cascade

East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, East of England, Acute

The problem

The organisation needed to find a better way to provide detailed staff survey data to teams. This was because the information available is very broad and it is for departments or service areas to identify their issues and address them.

The challenge

How might we ensure that we can easily report on our staff survey data so that as many teams that meet the minimum number criteria can view their data, and have meaningful discussion within their teams to agree actions to improve on their score and make the team the best that it can be going forward?

The outputs

The tangible products that came from our innovation were a dashboard for multiple users to access. The ability to provide an output to One NHS Finance so we could compare finance data.

The outcomes

The benefits to the organisation experienced as a result of the work was a much greater degree of detail to improve staff support and health and well-being decisions across the Trust.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“From a leadership point of view it will allow for better responses and actions to improve how the team functions.”

“This should be recognised as an innovation, and is particularly important in focussing on workforce culture and integrating new reporting in power bi, the use of rpa and ensuring more use of esr.”

“I think this is a really good way to share data and make it easy for people to understand.”

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