Innovative Approaches to Productivity Opportunities

Leeds Teaching Hospitals, North East and Yorkshire, Acute

The problem

The finance department at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust faces the critical task of assisting our clinical units, known as commissioning support units (CSUs), in identifying opportunities to enhance productivity. Failure to achieve this jeopardises our efficiency targets, waste reduction programme (cost improvement plans, CIP), and the long-term financial sustainability of the trust.


The Challenge

How might we best provide waste reduction programme (WRP) scheme ideas to those CSUs that are struggling with identifying new schemes?

How might we standardise the trust’s approach to emphasising opportunities for productivity gains based on real activity data?

How might we bring to the attention of CSU leadership the most effective areas to focus on  to realise productivity gains?

How might we assist our CSUs to develop CIP implementation plans and quality impact assessment (QIAs) for productivity gains schemes?

How might we encourage our CSUs to fully use the new opportunity tool to identify potential waste reduction schemes?

How might we make the opportunity tool easy to access and user-friendly for CSUs to use?

How might we clearly demonstrate the value and impact of the savings opportunities identified through use of an opportunity tool?

How might we get buy-in from CSU leadership to identify and implement improvements and consider efficiency improvements based on the most appropriate areas?

How might we track efficiency adoption and the savings realised through use of the opportunity tool?

How might we innovatively develop the productivity tool to include areas not initially recognised as offering productivity opportunities?

How might we capture and share best practices on use of the tool across the trust?

How might we continuously improve the opportunity tool over time based on user feedback?

How might we integrate the tool into the broader WRP delivery and its processes?

How might we make the savings data actionable for CSUs to drive change?

How might we encourage CSUs to incorporate the tool into current processes?


The outputs

  • Productivity opportunity tool Excel prototype
  • Populated data model with integrated financial data on costs and savings opportunities
  • Refined tool design based on stakeholder feedback
  • Guidance document for CSUs on implementing the tool
  • Training materials and presentations to support adoption
  • Implementation plan outlining rollout stages across CSUs
  • List of opportunity areas and metrics to analyse for waste reduction ideas generation
  • Final productivity opportunity tool product for launch
  • Communications to CSUs announcing tool availability


The outcomes

  • Increased cost savings from new waste reduction schemes identified through the tool’s insights
  • Improved ability for CSUs to meet waste reduction programme targets
  • Enhanced visibility for CSUs on where efforts in increasing productivity will be most beneficial
  • Enhanced financial sustainability for the trust through realised productivity gains
  • Better engagement with CSUs by providing customised support to meet their needs
  • Data-driven approach to identifying savings opportunities based on actual CSUs spend
  • Promotion of a culture of continuous improvement by equipping CSUs with productivity analysis skills
  • Tool implementation supports stakeholder communication and change management
  • Ongoing user feedback to enable continuous improvement of the tool

The Innovation

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All documents and resources relating to this innovation can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The tool described in the innovation is well presented, easy to understand and forms consistent categories which aid the programme saving delivery.”

“It pulls all relevant and up to date data into one place where it can then be viewed at differing levels easily.”

“It has the ability to evolve and grow to encompass more useful metrics.”

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