A leaner and focused finance

always looking upward and beyond

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, London, Mental Health

The problem

We needed a way to redesign, rethink and obtain engagement from our staff to drive efficiency and process improvement. Otherwise we were in danger of continuing to focus on details and not concentrate on the bigger picture. Given the constant deadlines and challenges thrown at us by the centre, including working through multiple planning rounds, the governance regime changing from the FT monitoring regime, working across the three integrated care systems which the trust operates in and not to mention the Covid-19 related financial challenges.

The challenge

How might we create the efficiencies and provide the motivation to the department to always strive for more so that we could achieve our ambition of working smarter and leaner and gain satisfaction in every job being well done?

How might we rise to the challenge of faster closure so that we could meet the challenging deadlines?

How might we embrace better ways of working so that we have a culture of continuous improvement across the finance department?

The outputs

The outputs were:

  • robotic processes were introduced
  • transactional teams became engaged
  • automation training was provided
  • automated debt board reports created with the engagement with our shared service provider
  • a faster closure project was established
  • bad debt journal created from automated report downloads.

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The outcomes

  • Process improvement culture introduced across the whole of the finance department and having an impact across all areas. This included the introduction of robotics to the team following a successful pilot with NHS England.
  • Staff engaged in process improvement as a result of seeing repetitive tasks being taken over by RPA processes.

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The Innovation

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Innovation N3

What the peer-reviewers said

“I think this innovation has a wide range of process changes which will be helpful to others.”

“This has wider benefits for enhancing skills and building confidence.”

“The innovation will bring benefits to all financial areas.”

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Here are all of the documents and resources related to this innovation

Innovation N3

A leaner and focused finance always looking upward and beyond