Understanding, tackling & implementing National Minimum wage regulations

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, North East and Yorkshire, Acute

The problem

The NHS needs to understand, address and correct non-compliance with national minimum wage (NMW) regulations otherwise they could be fined and publicly identified as a non-compliant employer.

The challenge

How might we implement HMRC’s regulations to comply with NMW regulations, when this is not supported by Electronic Staff Record (ESR), so that individual trusts and NHS organisations NMW compliant employers?

The outputs

Through collaborative working, LTHT payroll and LTHT’s BI reporting team created a unique report that is tailored made to identify NMW breaches ensuring the organisation are now working in line with NMW regulations.

The report can be shared with other organisations allowing them the option to add or remove conditions, based on local arrangements, providing a local solution to comply with NMW

The Trust have also worked closely with a third party provider to produce a report that will recognise breaches to NMW caused as a result of a local net deduction, this third party report will allow organisations the opportunity to run the report earlier than the local report ensuring breaches are picked up in real time.

The outcomes

  • Complete understanding of the NMW regulations.
  • The avoidance of a fine.
  • The avoidance of being publicly named as a non-compliant employer.
  • Ability to cascade this process to other trusts/organisations.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“This innovation has tackled an emerging problem head-on.”

“The newly developed NMW checker and suitable report could serve as a foundation for developing more advanced reporting tools or integrating with other systems to further improve efficiency and accuracy.”

“I hope that it can be made available to all organisations including my own.”

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