Allocating accounts payable transactions fast

Innovation M3

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

North West, Integrated

This solution saves both time and effort, and increases the accuracy of the outstanding invoices.

Peer Reviewer

Great innovation of how transactional processes can be improved to make them more efficient.

Peer Reviewer

The creation of this tool allows the team to function in a much more efficient way.

Peer Reviewer

The Problem

The accounts payable team needs to be able to allocate manual payments and credit notes to invoices in a quick and easy way that leverages the contents of supplier backing data (statements). Otherwise they would be wasting time, not taking advantage of the data provided, and they would not be able to spend time on more value-added tasks.

The Challenge

How might we allocate manual payments and credit notes so that the job can take minutes rather than hours (when large on-account payments are made to big suppliers)?

The Outputs

A template that any accounts payable (AP) user can use to see open transactions on supplier accounts and allocate them to manual payments/ credit notes on mass in a way that’s more intuitive and efficient than the finance system currently provides.

The Outcomes

682 invoices were needing to be allocated against one supplier and this template achieved this whole allocation from opening up the template to copying into Integra within five minutes. This would have taken the user half a day or more to process manually. These types of big allocations and time savings occur infrequently but the more frequent allocation tasks would take three minutes each which would normally take ten minutes each so it’s still a time saving for the easy cases too.