ESR Payroll Consolidation

and Detailed Analysis  

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, North East and Yorkshire, Acute



The problem

Various teams within the finance department needed to easily access and manipulate ESR payroll data in various ways because otherwise reporting/ queries may be time consuming and sometimes inconsistent.

The challenge

How might we provide timely and accurate ESR payroll information without having to repeatedly download files so that time is saved and data manipulation is minimised?

The outputs

The tangible products that came from our innovation were:

  • additional audit assurance that NIC/ pensions are correct
  • being able to reconcile the ESR output to what is in the ledger. The ESR output has much more data than ledger information so more detailed analysis can be carried out
  • ability to reconcile the gross to net reports and obtain further information behind the element names
  • ability to obtain ad-hoc data quickly, for example Freedom of Information Act requests, overtime information etc.
  • ability to look at directorate or speciality level using the hierarchy and ability to look at staff groups using the subjective hierarchy
  • 20 months of payslip information at a glance.

The outcomes

The benefits of the innovation are that staff in the department no longer need to look within a monthly pdf for payslips, nor do they have to login to ESR to download data which could often be time consuming. This solution gives the department extensive information within one file stored locally.

The Innovation

Read the full innovation on ESR payroll consolidation and detailed analysis

All the documents and resources relating to this innovation can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

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What the peer-reviewers said

“This could be used elsewhere as a template and example to integrate ESR and the general ledger.”

“Pulling data together in one place using tools accessible to anyone to produce outcomes usable by many is brilliant.”

“Addresses one of the fundamental challenges in both financial management and costing. ESR is a key feed but is rarely easily reconcilable to ledger/ financial management data and often derided for benchmarking. Being able to reconcile quickly with common tools rather than bespoke software is hugely important.”

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Here are all of the documents and resources related to this innovation

Innovation M2

ESR Payroll Consolidation and Detailed Analysis


Supporting evidence M2 (1)

Cost centre screenshot – Image


Supporting evidence M2 (2)

Gross to Net screenshot – Image


Supporting evidence M2 (3)

Screenshot Payslip – Image