Finance Training for medical, nursing and operational colleagues

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Midlands, Acute

The problem

The Finance and Procurement directorate needs to ensure it provides regular and effective training to medical, nursing and operational colleagues because otherwise these staff will not be effective stewards of public money and may take decisions that have an adverse impact on the trust’s financial position.

The challenge

How might we provide a regular and effective finance training programme so that our medical, nursing and operational colleagues are able to make the best financial decisions in an ever-changing and increasingly difficult and complex financial environment.

The outputs

  1. A highly subscribed bi-monthly hybrid training session for our clinical, nursing and operational colleagues where they can learn about all aspects of finance from financial management to costing, the efficiency programme and everything in between.
  2. Regular feedback sessions with all presenters, which enable us to share best practice, learn from each other and adapt our training style and content to meet the needs of future attendees.
  3. Based on the positive feedback from colleagues attending the course, our senior management team nominated the chair of this programme for an ONF Value Maker award, where he was shortlisted for trainer of the year.
  4. ONF asked our trust to hold a showcase session in February 2024 to demonstrate this training programme to other NHS organisations.

The outcomes

  1. Improved engagement with clinicians, nursing and operational colleagues. By holding the training in a hybrid environment our colleagues are not only able to learn about finance in an environment that best suits them, but also interact with the presenters and ask questions directly relevant to their own training needs.
  2. An adaptive programme that is flexible and is changed as and when required. Future changes to the wider finance environment may mean that we need to adapt the focus of the training programme, but through our regular feedback sessions we are able to do this in a timely way.
  3. Improved awareness of the importance of sustainable finance within the trust. By removing some of the perceived mystery of finance we have been able to improve its focus and level of conversation amongst our non-finance colleagues.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“This is a great initiative to ensure medical, nursing and ops teams are effectively trained in financial management / controls to build future financial sustainability and to ensure the best possible value from available resources.”

“In a world where finance is tight and will be tighter, making finance easy to understand and less daunting is a great opportunity to get the entire organisation behind the financial challenges the NHS faces.”

“I believe the innovation is fit for purpose and delivers better value to the organisation.”

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