Using SQL and Power BI to analyse data at scale to create SPC charts to aid decision making

Innovation K3

NHS England and NHS Improvement


An excellent innovation, highlighting how finance teams can use previously under utilised skills combined with new technology to speed up analysis and value to the NHS.

Peer Reviewer

This innovation, packaged as it is, is very appealing to users who have come across Making Data Count and want to proceed with their journey into SPC Charts.

Peer Reviewer

SPC are a useful additional tool for assessing variation within and assurance of, a process. As such it is important that they are widely available and used.

Peer Reviewer

The Problem

Organisations and systems need to be able to analyse large volumes of data to create statistical process control (SPC) charts, otherwise the true nature of performance and assurance in processes may be missed, with time and effort spent in the wrong areas.

The Challenges

  • How might we present data so that a true understanding of the processes is understood?
  • How might we present data so that the areas to focus on are known?
  • How might we create tools so that analysts and developers can adapt them for local needs?

The Outputs

The innovation led to:

  • the SQL query and Power BI template
  • closer links between finance and business intelligence teams
  • finance teams understanding the benefits of using SPC.

The Outcomes

The innovation resulted in:

  • an ability to quickly analyse data at scale to understand performance and variation
  • finance colleagues are now aware of the training and support that they can call on from the making data count team
  • an increase in the number of people wanting to join the making data count finance subgroup.