Staff Consultative Forum

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Midlands, Acute

The problem

The finance and procurement directorate needs to ensure that all members of the team, regardless of band, can raise concerns and offer potential improvements to the way we work. Otherwise, we may disengage our staff and fail to benefit from hearing concerns and ideas that could positively influence how we operate and provide an effective service to the trust and patients.

The challenge

How might we provide a method for all members of the teams to communicate directly with the senior management team in a safe environment so that everybody is able to influence how we operate as a directorate and that we are able to constantly improve the services we offer to the wider Trust and our patients.

The outputs

  1. Creation of forum ambassadors: ambassadors representing all teams within the directorate (financial management, financial services, financial planning and analysis, contracts and procurement) have been appointed to voice their team’s perspectives in a confidential setting.
  2. Opportunities for inclusive contributions: the innovation allows all team members to actively contribute ideas and suggestions, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.
  3. Regular agenda slot: a dedicated agenda slot in senior management team (SMT) meetings facilitates two-way communication, enabling the exchange of ideas, suggestions, and feedback.
  4. Feedback mechanism: feedback on the forum’s performance is solicited during directorate-wide engagement events, chaired by the CFO and attended by all colleagues, to showcase its effectiveness and encourage broader participation.

The outcomes

  1. Enhanced SMT engagement: by fostering open communication between staff and the senior management team, the forum has improved SMT’s understanding of the team’s needs and operational practices, leading to more informed decision-making.
  2. Promotion of speaking up: the forum reinforces the culture of speaking up, encouraging staff to voice their opinions within the directorate and across the wider trust. It promotes a flattened hierarchy and expands communication channels between SMT and directorate staff.
  3. Improved service delivery: enhanced collaboration within the finance and procurement team has facilitated the development of initiatives to enhance service delivery to the trust and its patients, fostering greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Recognition of success: the SMT’s endorsement of the forum is demonstrated through the nomination of its chair for an ONF value maker award, highlighting its impact and success in driving positive change within the directorate.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Staff Consultative Forum promotes inclusive communication across all levels of staff, especially targeting voices from Band 6 roles and below, ensuring diverse perspectives and promoting equality.”

“Teamwork, collaboration and the improvement of culture within the teams is very positive.”

“By empowering staff to influence their work environment and the Directorate’s operations, the forum can significantly boost morale and engagement.”

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