Value maker community connection via Facebook

Innovation J3

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

North West, Mental Health

The page has proved its worth and has allowed fast informal connections to staff across the country.

Peer Reviewer

A welcoming place to share ideas or ask questions for those that feel comfortable using social media.

Peer Reviewer

This shares ideas and collaboration, and connected staff over COVID when they felt isolated.

Peer Reviewer

The Problem

The VM community needs to have a creative way to share, learn and support each other because otherwise our network cannot thrive!

The Challenges

How might we create a platform so that VMs can connect to each other quickly, to allow learning, or questions to be asked and answers to be given, at any time of day or night?

How might we create opportunities to support VMs so that they can benefit from peer support in what can sometimes be a lonely place – being a positive person in a challenging NHS environment?

The Outputs

The tangible products are the connection of people and problems to solutions and energy.

The Outcomes

  • Improvement in efficiency by connecting VMs with challenges to solutions and opportunities.
  • Improvements in personal health and wellbeing by providing VMs with an outlet and a source of support for mutual connection.