Student outreach work

Innovation I3

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

North East and Yorkshire, Acute

Influencing the next generation of potential NHS workers.

Peer Reviewer

I love this idea, it is a scheme I would like to recommend within our Trust.

Peer Reviewer

This is a great way to involve the local community and capture new talent.

Peer Reviewer

The Problem

Due to Airedale NHS Foundation Trust being a small general district hospital we have had difficulty in the past with recruitment, with people preferring to apply to the bigger hospitals within our locality. To overcome this the finance team needs to continue to develop strong links with our local schools, to enhance our reputation and tap into the next generation of finance experts within our local community. Otherwise we risk being unable to strengthen our team while investing in young people from our local community. Missing the opportunity to demonstrate what NHS finance is about, and the opportunities within the team and wider organisation.

The Challenge

How might we work with our local schools so that we can strengthen our recruitment pipeline by improving our links and promoting NHS finance and the work we do to support the organisation and our patients?

The Outputs

  • Interested and engaged students.
  • Students who felt ready to take on a real interview using the feedback they had received from us.

The Outcomes

  • Future recruitment pipeline
  • Increased visibility and reputation