Paperless Payslips

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Midlands, Acute



The problem

The Good Ideas Count Team needs to be able to take a good idea and drive it effectively across multiple teams to affect change and support innovation across the Trust because otherwise in a Trust as large as ours good ideas from all staff levels can be lost when they should be embraced and taken forward across the organisation, in this case, rolling out paperless payslips on-line.

The challenge

How might we roll out paperless payslips so that there is a reduction in postage spend, reduced risk lost payslips and information governance breaches?

How might we roll out paperless payslips so that the trust employees receive the right support and communication to access the payslips on-line

The outputs

The ‘tangible’ products that came from our innovation were:

  • £50k saving on postage
  • 0.25 WTE of payroll staff sorting payslips for the weekly and monthly payroll
  • Reduced the waste associated with uncollected payslips being returned back to the payroll department taking up storage space
  • Reduced petrol costs transporting payslips between multiple hospital sites

The outcomes

The benefits to the organisation experience as a result of the innovation were: We have reduced the time taken in relation to the distribution of the payslips, both within the payroll department and across the organisation. Switching to online pay slips has released the whole payroll team contributing half a day per month from having to sort and distribute paper payslips to the relevant departments across the organisation. Online Payslips are easily accessible via ESR and can be downloaded by our employees if they want to keep their own copies. We have removed the IG risk associated with paper payslips being misplaced or lost; the online payslips are secure within ESR. Staff can access their payslips from work or at home. There is no longer a delay in staff waiting for payslips to be delivered; they are available to view in ESR before the pay day. We have reduced the waste associated with uncollected payslips being returned back to the payroll department taking up storage space. We sent out c2,700 payslips a week in the post. This has saved the Trust £50,000 per year just on postage and envelopes.

The Innovation

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All the documents and resources relating to this innovation can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The innovation was a simple change, even if the challenges to overcome from implementation themselves were not. It is also something that could be replicated across the country with a reasonable amount of ease”

“This change in practice is something that could be replicated quite easily among other trusts in the UK.”

“I think the biggest take away I’ve had from reading the submission is “The Good Ideas Count Team” is an excellent way of collating ideas that are generated internally”

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Here are all of the documents and resources related to this innovation

Innovation G1

Paperless Payslips


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Paper payslips – PDF