Bitesize training sessions

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, South West, Integrated Trust

The problem

Feedback from the department’s health and wellbeing (HWB) group, lead to the recognition that software knowledge and skills needed improvement within the finance department. This was to enhance the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The challenge

Developing a team’s software skills can be time-consuming, considering the multitude of areas to cover. Additionally, the team exhibited varying levels of ability, necessitating training pitched at the appropriate level for each member. Given their busy schedules, staff often do not prioritise training opportunities, so any training offering needed to be accessible and time efficient. Furthermore, creating a safe environment where staff feel comfortable asking questions was crucial, ensuring that no question is considered insignificant.

The outputs

  1. A finance team that feels supported in their development, fostering a positive learning culture.
  2. Recorded sessions accessible at any time via an MS Teams channel, allowing flexibility for staff to engage with the training.
  3. Opportunities to share knowledge with colleagues, promoting collaboration and peer learning.

The outcomes

  1. Increased skills in software among team members, enhancing their proficiency and productivity.
  2. Improved efficiency within teams as members gain confidence in utilising software tools effectively.
  3. Encouragement for more junior members of staff to ask questions and seek guidance on software usage, fostering a supportive learning environment and promoting professional growth.


The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Great way to encompass training into the busy schedule of work that enables team members to work more efficiently and effectively.”

“The delivery on teams increases inclusivity and the recordings make it accessible for all to rewatch as needed.”

“These are bitesize so staff do probably feel that they can fit into their busy schedules.”

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