Budget sign-off document automation

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, North West, ICB

The problem

The Corporate Finance team needed to deliver an automated solution to provide budget sign-off documents by cost centre, subjective, and accompanying descriptions for both whole time equivalents (WTE) and monetary values (£s). A process did not exist, so there was a real need for accurate and consistent presentation across the organisation and for statements to be produced in a short amount of time.

The challenges

How can we best support the budget holders with accurate financial information, so that they fully understand and agree to their budgets? This, in turn, will enhance their decision-making abilities to tackle the challenges faced in the financial year ahead.

What were/are the outputs?

Accurate information is being sent out through the automated process, resulting in significant time savings. Additionally, the information provided is more relevant and timelier.

What were/are the outcomes?

Budget managers received key information relevant to their areas and were able to understand and sign off their budgets. This release of time allowed them to invest in understanding and working through the budgets with the budget holders, leading to far fewer errors.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“This is a great idea that is straight forward to implement.”

“Looking at reducing carbon footprints this is a great innovation and is very straight forward so should be looked at favourably by other trusts wanting to improve their budget review process.”

“Using the excel model has significantly reduced the time required to produce budget sign off documents.”

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