Medicines drugs report

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, North East and Yorkshire, Acute

The problem

The operational and finance teams must interpret and compare trends over time, utilising 2019/20 as a baseline and continually monitoring progress. Without this, the organisation risks losing control over pharmacy drug spend and costs, as well as activity over time. This could result in incorrect charging and a lack of clarity on clinical variation.

The challenge

How can we transform over 40 files, each containing tens of thousands of rows of data, into a presentable format? The format should enable clinical areas to understand their activity in relation to medicines over several years, facilitating the comparison of trends and ensuring that the data accurately reflects activity levels.

The outputs

  1. Monthly medicines report summarising trends in medicines data.
  2. PDF reports emailed out to members of each specialty.

The outcomes

  1. Increased confidence in the accuracy of activity data.
  2. Improved ability to identify efficiencies in medicine usage.
  3. Cost savings resulting from the identification of inefficiencies.
  4. Saved time by eliminating the need for multiple people to produce different reports.
  5. Consistency in report outputs, ensuring uniformity across the organisation.
  6. Transparent process for analysing and reporting medicines data.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“Exploring integration with other systems or databases can further streamline data collection and reporting processes, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.”

“Simple but effective innovation that focuses on the needs of the users and in doing so means that data is transparent and user friendly resulting in potential cost savings.”

“Using Power Query to modify data and data cleanse is a useful feature as it addresses any data issues at source.”

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