Automation and Distribution to Shared Mailbox of SAP Business Objects Reports

North East London NHS Foundation Trust, London, Other

The problem

The finance department at NELFT needs to stop sharing licenses to login to SAP Business Objects, otherwise we will be in breach of our licensing agreement and incur significant expense in purchasing additional licenses for each member of staff.

The challenges

How might we ensure that everyone has access to the reports that they require, so that they do not need to login to Business Objects and run the reports for themselves.
How might we ensure that all reports are updated at the same time and that everyone is aware they have been updated, so that staff are using the relevant reports and are communicating the correct message to budget holders.

What were/are the outputs?

Creation of a generic mailbox which all finance staff have access to
A suite of reports setup within SAP Business Objects which automatically update and are emailed to the generic mailbox

What were/are the outcomes?

The organisation did not need to purchase any additional Business Objects licenses, leading to financial savings.
The department saved several hours each month as staff no longer needed to login to Business Objects and run their own reports, which they were doing several times a day, particularly at month end.
Consistency in the format and content of the reports that staff in the department used. Previously everyone had their own versions of the same reports which could lead to errors and made it difficult for staff to pick up colleague’s tasks if covering sickness or annual leave.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The innovation makes better use of available resources and ensures that there is one version of the truth in terms of downloaded reports.”

“Setting up an automated process to distribute the required reports and make them available to all staff on a scheduled regular basis has standardised the means of access for all users.”

“It has already shown that it has reduced the teams time, saved money on license’s, not breached license agreements and so delivers a better value for the organisation.”

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