Payroll Coding Correction Form

Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, North West, Other

The problem

Band 4s in the organisation are required to check and correct coding of staff on the payroll files in order to ensure that staffing is accurately reflected in month end reports and budget statements. If this is not completed then budget statements will not reflect the actual staffing on the wards, which may lead to under establishment and and inefficiencies in staffing.

The challenges

In order to reduce miscoding of staff, and therefore inefficiencies in staffing and possibly safety levels on the wards, we need to be able to code colleagues to their correct areas so that the budgets reflect staffing accurately.

What were/are the outputs?

The Payroll Correction process now takes only a couple of hours, whereas previously, it had taken days to complete.

What were/are the outcomes?

Team members now have more time to focus on other processes during the busy month-end period.

The Innovation

Read the full innovation on the payroll coding correction form

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What the peer-reviewers said

“I think this is a brilliant innovation for staff and clearly shows that time can be saved.”

“This would be highly beneficial to the wider financial management departments across the NHS who use NHS shared business services.”

“This would save significant time and effort for staff who deal with payroll corrections to find and allocate the correct cost centres and subjective codes.”

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Innovation D6 – GBP Pay Correction Trial Template


Innovation D6 – STAT Pay Correction Trial Template