Decommission Process – Improving Value and engagement for Medical Equipment management

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

The problem

The capital team needs to have better oversight of the decommissioning process from the medical equipment management service (MEMS) because otherwise there is a risk that control of fixed assets may slip, resulting in MEMS disposing of equipment without due process control.

The challenge

How might we go from a paper exercise to an electronic process so that we ensure we record all decommissioning related to fixed assets, and work in unison.

The outputs

  • Better knowledge of where to gather information.
  • Quality of data (based on live data rather than historic)
  • Accurate data
  • Improving working relationships with the various teams
  • Accurate record keeping

The outcomes

  • The benefit to the organisation is staff are more likely to use the information provided by the capital team, in the knowledge it is more accurate and complete. This has improved relationships.
  • Staff participate in the feedback sessions.
  • We can now see everything instantly, rather than only when MEMS send something to us.
  • Improved efficiency with a streamlined process freeing up MEMS’ time by not being weighed down with paperwork and increasing from 10 paper copies per week to 100 digital assets.
  • A richer pool of capital information to use to support improving value.

The Innovation

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What the peer-reviewers said

“The digital transformation has effectively addressed the challenge of improving decommissioning management from MEMS, achieving greater efficiency and consistency without incurring additional costs.”

“The digital transformation presents opportunities for integrating advanced features like automated validation and real-time tracking, further enhancing the process’s accuracy and transparency.”

“Easy management and better control over the medical equipment.”

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